Startup Helper pop-up removal

This is probably because you have Spotify on your laptop, which wasn't installed by the school. Spotify installs itself in a custom location and so it isn't able to run. The quickest thing to do is delete Spotify from your laptop. Otherwise, you can move the pop-up to the edge of your screen and work around it until you can come to help desk. Not great, I know, but really the only option you have until you are at help desk and we can help.


Mr Storrs
I.T. Systems Administrator

Here are the steps on how to manually uninstall Spotify:

  1. Close Spotify and all its background processes. For this, go to the Menu bar, click on Spotify and select Quit Spotify. Also, you can open Activity Monitor and check for Spotify running processes on your Mac. If you find any, click to close them.
  2. Go to the Applications folder and remove Spotify into the Trash.
  3. Now you need to find all Spotify related files and delete them. The support files are usually stored in the hidden Library folder. Open Finder and press the Command+G key combination.
  4. In the search field type ~/Library and press Enter (Return).
  5. Here in the Library folder, find and remove all support files of the Spotify application. Check the following locations for those files:

~/Library/Application Support/Spotify
~/Library/Saved Application State/com.spotify.client.savedState

Once you have removed all Spotify files, empty your Trash to completely get rid of Spotify on your Mac.

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