OneDrive: How to Sync a Shared Folder to OneDrive on My Local Computer

Instructions on how to sync a shared (with you) folder to OneDrive on your local computer.

Folders that have been shared with you (not individual files) can be set to sync with your local OneDrive client on your computer. You must have the OneDrive client software installed on your computer and signed into your OneDrive account for this to work.

  1. Login at with your Riverside Email Address, the system will redirect you to Riverside’s sign-in page before taking you to your online OneDrive account.

  2. Once you are in OneDrive, click Shared with me on the left. This will show any folders or files shared with you. Remember you can only sync Folders.

  3. Go into the Shared Folder you want to Sync, then click Sync on the top right and follow the prompts to sync the folder with your local installation of the OneDrive Client Software.

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